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What We Do in Panama


Building a Network in Panama

The purpose of this website is to connect people and projects.

Give online visibility to all kinds of interesting projects in Panama. Information about collaborations between foreigners and locals.

Shine a light on voluntary projects. 

Do you want to have a place on this website with your local business? 

Contact me for more information. 


Travel with a purpose

Panama has lots of beautiful places to visit. Why travel abroad if we can make amazing trips within our own country?

While exploring you support the economy and local businesses. Travel with a purpose. 

Panama has a lot to offer. From City, to beach and mountain to many indigenous groups to visit and learn from. It is a perfect country to make a weekend or day trip.

Travel with a purpose will give a positive impact on the places you visit.

Why not start with a tour in Panama City….


Help Communities

In Panama there are several  vulnerable communities where Help is needed.

I met this interesting person; Victor Peretz he is a Local in PTY but born on the beautiful Islands of San Blas. He is an amazing person who is helping various communities on a large scale together with a great group of volunteers.

From El Chorrillo in Panama City to his own community in San Blas. 

On this website you will find more information about his tours and projects.


Impact Stories

The Mola Mask project by Victor Peretz

During the pandemic Victor and volunteers who work with him have helped hundreds of families by providing them foodbags.

Money was raised by selling hand made Mola Masks. Made by local Kuna ladies from his village. At this moment you can still order your Mola Mask and make a donation by the GoFundMe link.

Vulnerable kids of El Chorillo

The voluntary project in El Chorillo has helped many children. Volunteers come to teach them english and play with them. 

Each volunteers brings something special in their own unique way. You can help for a day or volunteer for a longer period. Contact us for more information.